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CD: Training Wheels in D Major
(For Fiddle and/or Mandolin)
Learn 13 Traditional Fiddle Tunes!!!

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Hi!  It's time to FIDDLE! Get that fiddle out... and let's PLAY!
We are VERY excited about making this CD available!!!
Sometimes it's very hard to hear the notes when learning from a CD.  You WILL be able to hear these!  I've played the tunes very slowly.  Then again slowly.  And once again faster with the band.  On the slow version I speak the fiddle fingerings.  We chose some very common tunes... and some tunes that perhaps will be new to you... but that you are sure to love! All are traditional fiddle tunes.  If you would like to have the tunes in notation (printable) just send me an email. Above the notes are the fingerings.... so even if you don't want to learn with notes you can glance at the fingerings if you like.  However... learning by ear is really the best for fiddle tunes because you learn the style as well as notes! :)  Here is an example of the notation in .pdf format.


The tunes...  


Angeline the Baker
Arkansas Traveler
Camp Meetin' on the 4th of July
Coleman's March
Flop Eared Mule
Railroading in the Rockies
Shoo Fly
Snake River Reel
Soldier's Joy
St. Anne's Reel
Midnight on the Water Waltz


  I would be glad to teach a fiddle workshop for your event... or your students!

Chord charts for the tunes on this CD in MS Word format .doc
Chord charts for the tunes on this CD in text format .txt

ALSO.... Jackson Creek's new CD "Come sit by the River" includes some fiddle tunes... and two beautiful waltzes...including the one that Katie wrote! 
Practice playing backup right along with the CD!   Take a look!

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